Caulking “Pickpocket”, a Block Island Cowhorn

Yesterday I caulked new planks on Pickpocket, a Block Island Cowhorn. Her mooring anchor stood up and the shank gouged seven bottom planks, which I replaced earlier in the job. Pics of that work to come….

The boat is caulked traditionally with cotton. Below is a short video that shows the caulking in progress. Normally, I wouldn’t tape the seams but it didn’t take much time and it will create a clean line for the seam compound.

Caulking Pickpocket

4 Comments On “Caulking “Pickpocket”, a Block Island Cowhorn”

  1. Very nice plank caulking technique!


  2. Chris thanks for the consult on the Woodie the work on Pickpocket is terrific. I love that it’s a cow horn.
    ralph szur


  3. Thanks, your video is great for teaching the technique. Your yard is in Ossining! I’d love to visit. I had a 1942 Reliance cabin cruiser there yrs ago at Shattemuck..


  4. superb blog you have here, thanks a ton for making it available!


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