Aka Sockets and Scarfing Plywood

The akas in the TriRaid 560s articulate aft. This is accomplished through sockets and pins located fore and aft on both the main hull and the amas.

¾” Occume Plywood was used to frame out the receptacles.


They were then epoxied into place onto their respective bulkheads.



You will see later in the construction how 2 ½” pultruded fiberglass tube is epoxied into these “boxes” to create a socket, or receptacle, for the aka pins.

At this point, all ama bulkheads, frames and deck beams are cut out and waiting to be installed. But first we needed to cut out the panels and stitch the ama hulls together. It paid to make a long temporary bench for this part of the job. I just used 2×4’s to frame out a 16’ x 2’ bench, topped with ¼”  lauan plywood. Wings were added for scarfing support.


I scarfed full sheets of plywood rather than rip sheets down to approximate panel width and scarf individually. A full sheet scarf will save some time and allowed me a bigger picture to follow grain lines in matching the sheets. The scarfs were cut by hand using my Stanley #4 plane and block plane. They were then finished with a sanding block.


Wax paper is installed under the joint to prevent glue-up to the table and a combination of weights and clamps were used to bring the two pieces together. Each surface of the scarf was primed with unthickened Mas Epoxy and then a coat of thickened Mas Epoxy was applied before final clamping. Care is taken to make sure the joint is completely flat and aligned.


Next we lay out and cut the panels to shape…

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