Sheer Clamps and Aka Sockets

Our next two steps are to cut and glue in the sheer clamps and and then install the aka sockets. The sheer clamps are ¾” x ¾” Spanish Cedar and are epoxied to the inside of the side panel. They help give the side panel a fairer shape, provide strength, and give the deck panel

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Amas Framed Out

The remaining bulkheads in the amas are “tack-welded” in place with epoxy fillets. After that, they are given a full length fillet on top of which is laid a 3″ strip of fiberglass tape. The fiberglass is wetted out with epoxy resin. Here is a detail photo of the finished product. And here is a

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Stitching the Amas

Now that our plywood sheets are scarfed, they are ready to be laid out and cut into the ama panels. Each ama has two bottom panels and two side panels. Simple enough. In the photos below, the panels are laid out from the plans and a batten is used to spring a fair line. A

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Aka Sockets and Scarfing Plywood

The akas in the TriRaid 560s articulate aft. This is accomplished through sockets and pins located fore and aft on both the main hull and the amas. ¾” Occume Plywood was used to frame out the receptacles. They were then epoxied into place onto their respective bulkheads. You will see later in the construction how

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TriRaid ama framing

The construction of this TriRaid 560s started with the amas. Amas are the outriggers of a trimaran design. On the TriRaid the amas articulate horizontally to accommodate trailering and to facilitate rowing. The ability to “fold” the amas back while underway contributes to the versatility of the design and allows the stability gained from having

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Tri-Raid 560s

Two years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Tom Rough in a Hudson Valley diner. We had met to discuss the plans and construction of a Klaus Metz-designed trimaran. His enthusiasm for the project, his creativity on the design front, his pragmatic approach to small craft boating – all were infectious from the start

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Brennan Boatbuilding Awarded NYS Grant for Apprentice

Brennan Boatbuilding is pleased to announce that it has received a master artisan apprenticeship grant from ArtsWestchester and the New York State Council on the Arts to hire a boatbuilding apprentice. Carlos Duran, who lives in New York City and works with Clearwater and the Rocking the Boat program, will join Chris Brennan on several

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Tiny Ripple

Building Atkin’s ‘Tiny Ripple’ – Part 2

Here are photos of Tiny Ripple to completion… Aft seat being framed out. Continuation of aft seat. The picture shows the patterns that were made for the seat planks. The actual planks were 5/8″ Philippine Mahogany. The two outboard seat planks were epoxy glued in place and an epoxy fillet applied where seat meets hull

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