Building Atkin’s ‘Tiny Ripple’ – Part 2

Here are photos of Tiny Ripple to completion…


Aft seat being framed out.


Continuation of aft seat. The picture shows the patterns that were made for the seat planks. The actual planks were 5/8″ Philippine Mahogany. The two outboard seat planks were epoxy glued in place and an epoxy fillet applied where seat meets hull to help shed water. The middle three planks were bedded with traditional compound and screwed. This is one of three watertight compartments that provide positive floatation should the boat get swamped underway.


Instead of a middle thwart, the Tiny Ripple is designed with a fore and aft seat. This allows the rower to adjust his position and trim the boat when there is a second person on board. You will see in the finished boat two sets of oarlocks to accommodate this repositioning. The center box in the photo acts as support for this fore and aft seat, as well as additional flotation.


Interior done. Seats and hardware to be installed.


Rubrail and seats installed. The rubrail is attached from the inside of the sheer with oval head screws to allow for easy disassembly when it comes time to re-varnish. Seats are also installed with oval head screws.




And here is the finished boat at delivery. The boat was primed with Pettit 2018 Clear Sealer, tinted slightly with the finish paint, which was Pettit Easypoxy Semigloss White on the interior and Pettit Easypoxy Teal on the exterior. The brightwork was stained with Interlux CC Red Wood Filler Stain and varnished with Pettit Captain’s Varnish.

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