Building Atkin’s ‘Tiny Ripple’ Pram – Part 1

Over the 2013 summer, I built an Atkin-designed pram for a customer to use at her waterfront home. The Tiny Ripple is a 6′ pram designed for traditional cedar-on-oak construction. For this boat, I used marine plywood instead but still framed with white oak. The seats, bow and transom are Philippine Mahogany. The bottom is sheathed with Dynel set in epoxy resin. The Dynel wraps around the chine onto the side a couple of inches.

Below are some pics of her construction:


It all starts with lofting. As lofting exercises go, it doesn’t get much simpler than a 6′ flat-bottomedĀ pram.


Here the station molds are set up on a strongback.


Gluing up the bow and transom.


Here she is with the transom, bow and side planking on.


Putting the bottom on. My helper that day was a line running through a rafter. As I worked my way aft, the line was loosened and the weight of the plywood helped lay the bottom on the chine tightly.


Bottom on! It’s a hull!


I trimmed the Dynel the day after applying it. At this point it is dry but still “green” (not fully cured). This makes the trimming easier. With a utility knife, I gently score at the tape line and then the Dynel peels off neatly.


Here she is turned over and ready for finishing out!

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