Deck repairs to Venture II

Work continues on this 1942 Wheeler Sportfisherman…



Rotted sections of the plywood foredeck have been cut away and replaced with new ¾” marine plywood:





There was some rot on the faying surface of the deck beams and hatch framing. This was cut out and “dutchmen” made of white oak were epoxy glued and faired to the originals.

Next the foredeck was refastened and some areas of plywood were epoxy faired with Microlight (WestSystem filler no.410.) I mix the epoxy/microlight to a very thick consistency and make one pass, maybe two, with a large plastic spreader – very easy to sand and a flexible sanding longboard ensures a deck repair that’s fair to the original.


After prep sanding with 80 grit, vacuuming and wiping down with acetone, the foredeck was ready for fiberglass.

I have decided to use one layer of 6 oz fiberglass set in epoxy resin followed by a layer of Dynel cloth, also set in epoxy resin. For the resin I went with Mas Low Viscosity Epoxy along with their ‘No Amine Blush’ Slow Hardener. Even with the slow hardener, work had to move along quickly on an 83 degree day.




So as of today – repairs done and deck fiberglassed.  Dynel and paint to come….

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