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I’m Chris Brennan, owner of Brennan Boatbuilding. Two of my greatest passions are wooden boatbuilding and the Hudson River. Originally a carpenter by training, I quickly fell in love with the art of building wooden boats and secured a position as an apprentice boatbuilder in Piermont, NY, where I worked for several years.  In 2007, I started Brennan Boatbuilding, now based out of Westerly Marina in Ossining, NY.

Wooden boatbuilding is a centuries-old tradition. With their beautiful lines, exquisite detailing and vintage aesthetic, wooden boats have always captured the imagination of the boating purist. In the mid-20th century, the advent of fiberglass — with its promises of less maintenance and a greater ability to be mass produced — threatened to capsize the art of wooden boatbuilding forever.

Over the past three decades, however, the wooden boat has enjoyed a tremendous revival.  Renewed interest in the fine craftsmanship involved in building a boat, its elegant simplicity and its relatively low impact on the environment have attracted a whole new generation of admirers.

Through this blog, I hope to promote awareness of wooden boats and contribute to the wooden boat revival. I’ll be posting about current and past projects at Brennan Boatbuilding and, from time to time, I’ll also post about other topics of interest related to the wooden boat community and the Hudson River.

Thanks again for checking us out. I look forward to your comments, feedback and blog post ideas.

5 Comments On “Welcome to the Brennan Boatbuilding blog”

  1. Awesome work dude! It is informative, creative, and a good tool to share with others. Way to go!


  2. Chris! `so glad you´re here in Ossining! Will stop by real soon. andrea & joe.


  3. You know you’ve got it bad when a video of caulking gets you all charged up. Thank you so much for posting it. That was so cool. This really is a lost art…


  4. Do you work on old outboard motors or know somebody that does? I have a 50 hp Johnson ’59 that I need somebody to go over before putting my vintage Trojan in the water this coming season


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