Sheer Clamps and Aka Sockets

Our next two steps are to cut and glue in the sheer clamps and and then install the aka sockets. The sheer clamps are ¾” x ¾” Spanish Cedar and are epoxied to the inside of the side panel. They help give the side panel a fairer shape, provide strength, and give the deck panel purchase and glue area for installation. Below are photos of them glued and clamped into place.



The aka sockets are made from pultruded fiberglass tube and measure 2 ½” OD. I ordered them from Max-Gain Systems in Marietta, GA. Their website is The tubes are supported by triangular wedges in the socket boxes and everything is epoxy glued. Once dry, the tubes are cut flush.


You can see in the last photo that there are some small gaps between the wedges and tube. These were filled/poured with unthickened epoxy. Be sure the tube sits flush on the bottom of the socket box or else the epoxy will simply run into the bottom of the tube.

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