Tri-Raid 560s

Two years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Tom Rough in a Hudson Valley diner. We had met to discuss the plans and construction of a Klaus Metz-designed trimaran. His enthusiasm for the project, his creativity on the design front, his pragmatic approach to small craft boating – all were infectious from the start and have only served to make this a most enjoyable project. The build has been challenging at times, as there have been numerous changes to the original concept, but it has all been done with the optimism that a truly versatile and exciting boat awaits. Speaking of “a-waiting”, Tom has been extremely patient with my build schedule and has allowed me to tackle the various restoration and repair jobs that help keep a small boat builder afloat. In between these jobs, the ultimate trimaran continues its progress. We are two-thirds through the project but the following posts in the weeks ahead will bring you back to the beginning so that you may follow along the process as it unfolded from the start. Tom is a gifted writer and I will include his musings in some posts as well. His words project a passion for the boat, the idea, the adventure – and will bring many a reader to joy. But first, the design…


The TriRaid 560s is an expedition-style trimaran. Low weight, self-bailing cockpits, easy and light masts to step/unstep, furling sails, kick-up centerboard and folding akas/amas give this boat the “commando” feel needed to launch quickly and get in and out of your gunkholing and racing adventures. Be it in the mangrove flats or the open sound waters, safety and versatility along with adequate performance under all modes of propulsion (sail, pedal, or paddle) is the goal.


With the help and permission of Klaus Metz, a few modifications have been made to the original design. We have added an aft cockpit for a second person, which eliminates the deck amidships. We have also added a Mirage Drive in the forward cockpit along with the hopes of being able to squeeze in another drive in the aft compartment. The original battened mainsail will be replaced with a roller furling main. This compliments the roller furling jib in making the rig as user-efficient as possible. 


Tom’s vision of a “work of kinetic art” will see a main hull, akas, and amas that are finished bright with marine varnish. The bottoms of the main hull and amas will be painted black to make touch-ups and repairs after a season’s worth of beachings easy.


There are many more tidbits, adjustments, customizations and reflections that accompany this project and they will be featured in future weekly-or-so blog posts. Stay tuned and Happy Holidays!

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  1. Brilliant ! Thanks for taking the time to share. Had a Sea-clipper briefly- 27′ too big for me. I did not want Hobie “plastic” so I am excited to see this. This is a sensible, beautiful design. Hopefully plans maybe a kit … down the line will be available. thanks again and well done !


  2. I am Tom brother in law and I live in France. This project is amazing. I am not surprised by Tom implication, he is a passionate and go strait to the aim.

    I’ll follow the progress and hope Tom and me will have the plesure to share a cruse on this TRI Raid 650 next September when I’ll visit him.
    I forgot to add that I also have a boat but a single hule, it is a AQUILA ( Jeanneau is the make)and I love sailing on whatever is afloating.


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