TriRaid ama framing

The construction of this TriRaid 560s started with the amas. Amas are the outriggers of a trimaran design. On the TriRaid the amas articulate horizontally to accommodate trailering and to facilitate rowing. The ability to “fold” the amas back while underway contributes to the versatility of the design and allows the stability gained from having a tri in open water to not be a hindrance while navigating tighter waterways. 

I began by transferring the full size plans to ½” mdf.


These would then serve as patterns for this and any future build.


From there the patterns were used to trace out the bulkheads, deck beams and transom on either 3mm or 6mm Occume Marine Plywood, depending on the specifications.



The plywood pieces were rough cut on the band saw and finish cut with a router, using the mdf patterns as a guide.


Stay tuned for construction of the aka sockets located in the amas…

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